We do more before 9:00 O'clock than most people do all day 1st Sgt

Mar 132019

2019-03-17 9:52:48 AM Update:

Well out of the three my daughter brought me I was able to make what I hope is one good server.  After I fixed the problem with the Ubuntu update, everything seems to be running fine. Tomorrow (Monday) I will be running a schedule and import stream test.  Airtime still does not have a stream timer so I will have to set it manually as before so there won’t  be any stream tonite from about 7 till 5:55 tomorrow morning. Please bear with me, I’m paddling just as fast as I can. Bit of news, if all goes well and I go live again I will be having a Dean and King Football show marathom sometime in April


Hey guys. Well my middle daughter found a few old computers alongside the road and brought them home. This is good news. Other peoples trash and all that. Anyway I am working on building a new Schedule server from the remains of the old treasures. First test is promising. All fans working and got everything to load ok. One plus, I found a 2 gig memory chip in one and that chassis was socketed for the memory I already had. BAM! 5 gigs for the server! The new (er) box fired up and after a couple of BIOS tweaks, loaded the airtime server like it was made for it. I am right now just running the server 24/7 as a smoke test. I am checking the temps onboard now and then to make sure the fans are keeping things cool enough. This Saturday I have a test loaded and scheduled to check timing and viability. If all goes as planned I am shooting for returning to the air on the first weekend in April. We will kick things off with a Dean and King show Final Season Marathon along with the standard music, spooky show and Old Time radio in between things. Watch this space for more!

Mar 042019

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Time to die.

Feb 142019

Thanks to God, my sponsor , the SgtMaj and other friends of Bill. 6207 days, one day at a time. Trust me, the journey is worth the walk!



Jan 222019

#DidYouKnow: Within the military, there is a tradition of leaving coins on the headstones of deceased service members to show respect and remembrance. Different coins mean different things: a penny means you know someone who was associated with the deceased (relative); a nickel means they trained with the deceased; a dime says they served with the deceased; and a quarter means they were present or assigned with the deceased when they lost their life.

The tradition of leaving coins is not limited to the military though; it has become a way for anyone to show that they are thinking of someone, even long after they leave the gravesite. This is why you will see coins left on graves of non-military members as well, and why many members of the general public will leave coins in any denomination (often what they have on hand) on headstones of loved ones, historical figures, or a headstone that caught their eye.

If you are planning on leaving a coin at a headstone at Arlington or any other military or civilian cemetery,  please place them on top of the stone and do not throw them onto the ground. That way, groundskeepers will not run them over while using machinery, which could cause damage to equipment or harm others. It helps keep our cemeteries a safe place to work and to visit.1

Pictured is U.S. Army Maj. Audie Murphy’s headstone in Section 46, Oct. 9, 2017. #HonorRememberExplore (#USArmy photo by Elizabeth Fraser)

  1. Thanks to the Arlington National Cemetery historical folks []
Jan 072019

Hey guys. Happy New Year! You have probably noticed that the schedule on the Alien Dreams Radio page is blank. Me too! Well it seems that the scheduling/streaming computer finally took it’s final bow. After having found it by the side of the road over 5 years ago, it has served well through upgrades, new SSD drives and chip changes since it came to the Radio room. But as with all things “old” , it has reached it’s TBO time1 It also seems that we are having an ongoing problem with the internet.

So all that being said here is the plan. My main server is online giving you the radio pages, Weather and the Alien Dreams Blog. (keep your fingers crossed that it holds out) The server also hosts the main Icecast streamer so my 24/7 un-scheduled backup radio stream will go on as normal. It all runs in the background so I can still use it as my desktop even though CPU and Memory usage is at a premium. With a constant stream there is no schedule so it’s hit and miss on when you will hear things. But, that is what a “back up” is for.With the turmoil involving kids, bills and what not, I am saving to buy a new Scheduling computer and a couple SSD’s for the main computer. Not sure how long it will be but hang in there. After all, family comes before hobby. This will be another year I have to put off the purchase of my fishing kayak I guess.

My dream Kayak

As for the Internet. It has been an ongoing problem for a while now and I am going to give ATT another chance to fix it. Should that fail, I may be taking down everything until another web service it found.

So……..Welcome to 2019. Happy New Year all! With all thats going on I still feel blessed that we are all still above dirt and trying our best to tackle the up coming challenges that the new year will bring. Keep a good thought, be kind and check back here for upcoming news


  1. Time Before Overhaul time or time to be fracking replaced []
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